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  1. Are Your Ready To Double Your Wages?

    It’s commonly held that the maintenance of a retail workforce consumes a double digit percentage of total revenue—in some cases north of 20 percent. In foodservice and hospitality segments that figure can climb to 30 percent.

  2. Where Retail Apparel Meets Airport Security?

    Bodylabs and are holding a jointly hosted webinar on June 23 called How to Use 3D Body Imaging to Innovate In the Apparel or Footwear Industry. Jon Cilley, Chief Evangelist and Director of Marketing for Body Labs, will discuss the company’s research and the potential for 3D technology to change the clothing and footwear industries.

  3. Shoptalk 2016: Believe The Hype

    In the weeks leading up to Shoptalk, “the nextgen commerce event” held in Vegas last month, it seemed as though not a day went by without receiving an electronic update announcing the newest big-name company to join the impressive and ever-growing speaker lineup. Like many people who attended Shoptalk’s inaugural event, I had high expectations for the show based on, well, hype. After all, Shoptalk’s creators are the minds behind the Money 20/20 juggernaut, so I was excited to see for myself the show that promised to deliver what nextgen commerce actually means for the retail industry and the customer experience.

  4. The Sacrifice Of Building A Brand

    I wasn’t familiar with Hammitt when I sat down with Tony Drockton at SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s annual customer conference, last week in San Jose. A minute hadn’t passed before I ascertained that Drockton lives up to the “Chief Cheerleader” title printed on his business card. The guy is a juggernaut, hell-bent on reinventing the way women shop for and enjoy their high-end handbags.

  5. Saving Money, Saving Stores

    Last week brought brick and mortar retail some solemn news. Aéropostale is closing 154 stores on the heels of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing, and Sports Authority is considering the liquidation of all 450 of its stores after its own Chapter 11 filing in March.

  6. Miya Knights On The Digitally Enabled Shopping Journey

    Every year, Innovative Retail Technologies publishes our Mobility Special Report, which takes a deep dive into the state of mobility in retail. In 2015, we partnered with Miya Knights, global research technology director at Planet Retail for our Mobility Special Report, in which she penned compelling content explaining why retailers must put the shopping journey and its delivery via mobile at the forefront of customer-facing strategic initiatives.

  7. Is Security The Killer App For Drones In Retail?

    The latest software release from ISV Alert POS is designed to return the point of sale to its roots. In a recent interview for a story in our sister publication, Business Solutions magazine, Alert POS founder Brad Jarrett stressed that the original cash register was designed first and foremost to secure assets. Even the charming ring of the register’s bell was a security feature designed to alert store staff that the cash drawer was open and cash was exposed.

  8. Tackling Browse Abandonment

    Cart abandonment has been all the rage over the past two years. Marketers searched for applicable technologies and fine-tuned their processes in order to entice customers to revisit their online shopping carts and complete the purchase. Recent research conducted by Bronto found that many customers do not find cart abandonment emails intrusive but rather regard them as useful, personalized reminders about their idle carts.

  9. Customer Experience: The Associate That Matters Most

    I’m generally not one to publicly opine on my personal retail customer experiences. When I do, something went either exceptionally well or terribly wrong. I prefer to share when things go well. Last week I went to Jared. My wife wasn’t the only one happy that I stopped.

  10. The Key To Customer Engagement Success

    There’s no question that in retail, turnover’s high and employee training takes time, money, and effort, but it behooves retailers to invest in their most valuable asset — the associate.

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