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  • The Right Choice: Enterprises Enjoy Array Of Options For Wide Area Networks (WANs)
    The Right Choice: Enterprises Enjoy Array Of Options For Wide Area Networks (WANs)

    TCF Company, a fast-growing regional retail chain, is facing a network dilemma. Most of its data and voice traffic comes through its suburban headquarters location, which also houses its data and call centers. Lower volume — but still critical — traffic traverses to and from its two distribution centers, while the 15 primary retail stores and 10 mall kiosks need to handle bandwidth spikes during peak shopping times.

One Network Does Not Fit All

It wasn’t that long ago that you had one wide area network (WAN)—typically MPLS—and everyone was expected to make the best of it. But now, fast emerging technologies and business challenges are driving enterprises like yours to investigate diverse cloud-based applications that are delivered over public Internet networks. This shift in how your applications are consumed is putting unbearable pressure on your traditional network design.

Wendy’s Franchisee Keeps The Quick In Quick Service At 42 Restaurants

LDF Food Group, Inc. Finds Speed, Reliability, Cost Savings in MPLS Network.

Why Is A Cloud Enabled WAN Important?

n 2010, The Association Of Retail Technology Standards (ARTS), a division of the U.S.- based retail trade association National Retail Federation (NRF) summarized the business challenge retailers face as they try to adjust their business models to engage with today’s digitally empowered consumers, by highlighting five transitions.

Driving Service Efficiency And Customer Engagement With In-Store WiFi

Once seen as a threat to brick-and-mortar retailing, smartphone-assisted shopping has proven to be a significant contributor to in-store experience and is driving customer loyalty. Retailers that embrace WiFi to deliver on the spot information to employees and customers are at the forefront of new forms of omni-channel engagement that can mean tremendous competitive advantage.

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  • Retail Tech Spending

    As the groundwork for enterprisewide data visibility falls into place, a game of connect-the-data dots is playing out in stores.

  • Voice: Critical To Omni-Channel At Advance Auto Parts

    Long live telephone sales, especially when $2.4 billion in sales are riding on them. At Advance Auto Parts, MPLS over high-speed DSL ensures every call reaches a destination.

  • Are You Maximizing Your Mobile Potential?

    Mobility is making a huge impact on how retailers deal with everything from inventory visibility to customer experience — with the ultimate goal of increased sales.

  • The Annual Resource Guide To Loss Prevention

    Retailers are collaborating to fight the rising level of retail crime through LP/AP organizations and by leveraging the huge amount of data new LP/AP technologies supply to benefit operations, sales, and the bottom line. See how the latest technologies are enabling this in The Annual Resource Guide To Loss Prevention.

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  • Threat Monitoring And Defense
    Threat Monitoring And Defense

    24x7 security monitoring to prevent breaches and protect your data.

  • Application Performance Optimization
    Application Performance Optimization

    Diagnose and resolve network performance issues.

  • Hybrid WAN
    Hybrid WAN

    A cloud optimized network that improves application performance and reduces costs.

  • Secure WiFi & Analytics
    Secure WiFi & Analytics

    Drive Customer Engagement and Insight with Secure WiFi & Analytics service for private internal use and public guest/in-store access.

  • MPLS Network
    MPLS Network

    A private nationwide managed network that securely connects business and cloud applications.

  • Cloud Connectivity
    Cloud Connectivity

    EarthLink Cloud Express™:A private, secure high-performance connection to leading cloud service providers.

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  • Lower The Burden Of Infrastructure Management

    Today, on average, IT departments spend 80% of their time just “keeping the lights on.” What if you could remove the burden of managing infrastructure operations without giving up control?

  • On-Demand Webinar - Smart Networks: The Missing Link Driving Cloud Based Application Performance
    On-Demand Webinar - Smart Networks: The Missing Link Driving Cloud Based Application Performance

    Mission-critical cloud applications demand that networks perform at unprecedented levels. Connectivity, bandwidth, speed and throughput make or break the employee and customer experience. Learn how smart network technologies like SD WAN and NaaS support cloud strategy today and in future. Hear retailer Genesco’s real-world insights on deploying smart network services.

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