Integrated Solutions For Retailers Contributed Editorial

  1. The Next Big Email Frontier: Encouraging Browsers To Buy

    Cart abandonment emails were a revelation to many online retailers – opening up the possibility of recovering revenue with a series of automated messages. The concept has worked brilliantly. Our customers see as much as a 53x the investment in the technology needed to trigger the messages.

  2. Training, Associate Effectiveness, And The Role Of Technology

    Well-trained associates are a vital piece to achieving success in retail, and yet associate training and retention pose significant challenges. Why? Because retailers are under intense pressure to keep costs low and sales high. And, unfortunately, staffing is still viewed as an expense that needs to be controlled and even cut in order to generate bottom line results.

  3. Retailers’ Guide To Understanding Advanced Guest Wi-Fi

    The ubiquity of the smartphone, which in the US has more than tripled since 2010, has had an enormous impact on retailers and how they interact with their customers. One of the most significant retail trends created by the mobile era is customer demand for free Wi-Fi.

  4. Successful Mobile Engagement: Strategy Matters

    With surveys quantifying the game-changing benefits of unifying in-store and online experiences, it’s no wonder retailers are embracing mobile engagement innovations to increase conversions, boost cross-sales and enhance loyalty.

  5. Global E-Commerce: Building a “Boundary-less” Business

    Plunging into global e-commerce can feel overwhelming. If you’ve ever wondered how you could easily manage the intricacies of duties and taxes, currency conversion, customs processes and the constantly changing regulations in addition to your current responsibilities, take notice.

  6. Updating Barcode Scanner Systems’ Batteries Will Help Your Bottom Line

    Cut costs and increase profits by converting your barcode scanners’ power source to improve inventory control, productivity and reduce unnecessary supply orders.

  7. How Retail Technology Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

    As evolving consumer preferences drive a new, customer-centric focus in retail, change is more than inevitable — it’s necessary for your business to survive. Whether you are working toward mastering omnichannel retailing, increasing fulfillment rates, or providing an optimal customer experience, retail technology could provide the means to reach your goals.  

  8. Kitchen Workflow: Optimizing For New Restaurant Realities

    The mobile consumer presents a tremendous opportunity for restaurant operators. Recent National Restaurant Association (NRA) research found that 43 percent of adults say they’ve used the Internet to place an order for takeout or delivery. Nearly 60 percent of adults have visited a restaurant’s website, and 58 percent have viewed a restaurant’s menu online. Most of that online activity is taking place on smartphones while consumers are on the go and making their mealtime decisions. NRA’s research indicates that 52 percent of U.S. Internet users would likely use a smartphone or tablet for ordering takeout and delivery if possible. That figure climbs to nearly three quarters among the millennial population.

  9. 20 Years Of Innovation: Cash Handling In The Retail Industry

    Much of the discussion about the retail payments ecosystem has typically focused on mobile technology. A favorite pastime for the industry is predicting what platform will win the race for ubiquity in retail payments - will it be Samsung, Amazon, Apple, Android, or something else?

  10. Why Retail’s Reliance On Online Connectivity Calls For Network Resilience

    They say the retail business is all about connections – forming bonds with customers to supply the goods we desire alongside experiences that keep us coming back for more. This really takes on a new meaning in today’s retail environment, though, thanks to modern retail systems enabled by online connectivity.

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