Magazine Article | October 20, 2015

Winning The Battle For The Omni-Channel Share Of Wallet: How Are Small To Midsize Retailers Doing?

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November 2015 Innovative Retail Technologies

SMRs must tout that they are on par with Tier 1 retailers regarding cost and innovation so they can adapt as the customer evolves.

SMRs need to present themselves to the consumer with all of the power of tierone retailers, but they need to do this in a manner that is sustainable — at the right cost in terms of budget, right sized in terms of immediate and ongoing resource requirements, and the right platform for innovation, so that they can adapt as the customer evolves. This special report from IDC Retail Insights will help SMR retailers do three things:

  1. Understand how to satisfy consumer needs by employing an omnichannel operations platform that is future-proof
  2. Assess how their digital and omnichannel programs compare with the competition
  3. Develop a road map for digital and omni-channel transformation