Case Study | August 20, 2015

SweetWater Brewing Co. Streamlines Field Marketing

Source: GoSpotCheck

SweetWater Brewing Company is a craft brewing company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Famous for their colorful logo and delicious brews, SweetWater’s popularity in the United States over the last few years has skyrocketed. As expansion became more of a priority, the company added a field marketing department. To compliment their hard-working team, SweetWater needed a robust data collection tool that would increase efficiency and enable information sharing.


“We needed concrete and transparent data showing what the field marketing team was doing to pass along to our distributors and partners.”

The field marketing department is a relatively new addition to SweetWater. Within it, brand activation managers—known as “Heady Peddlers”—investigate launch markets and areas where SweetWater currently distributes. The Heady Peddlers collect data all over the United States by “engaging with consumers, documenting customer needs and bringing the SweetWater culture to life.” In order to maintain brand consistency, it was important to the company that the SweetWater culture resonated as far as the employees traveled.

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