Magazine Article | August 20, 2015

Mobile Is An Innovation Imperative - The Digitization Of The Shopper's Journey

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September 2015 Innovative Retail Technologies

Retailers must put the shopping journey and its delivery via mobile at the forefront of customer-facing strategic initiatives.

The retailer’s opportunity to innovate with consumer-facing mobile technology is no longer on the horizon; it’s here, it’s now, and it’s big. We’re extremely pleased to feature some eye-opening analysis on the subject from Miya Knights, who recently joined Planet Retail as global research technology director. Miya was previously senior research analyst for IDC Retail Insights, and she served as editor of Retail Technology magazine for a decade years prior to that. She knows her retail technology, and her contribution this month leaves little doubt that modern retail strategy is incomplete without a comprehensive approach to mobile consumer engagement.

Special thanks to Miya and Planet Retail for contributing to our 2015 Mobility Research Supplement. Learn more about Planet Retail at