Guest Column | August 15, 2013

Is Ronnie Working In Your Company?

By Alan F Greggo, CPP, CFE, Principle Owner, Profit RX LLC

Breach Detection and Prevention

Your institution houses private information for your clients, but what would happen if that information fell into the wrong hands? An information breach not only affects the clients whose information is leaked, but diminishes the integrity of your institution. What should you do to minimize or even prevent the probability that a breach will occur at your business?

It was after business hours in the corporate headquarters when an employee of the accounting department noticed warehouse employee Ronnie (name changed to protect the guilty) in the accounting office area next to a cube. “Can I help you find something or someone?” asked Byron. “Oh, I was just looking for next week’s schedule posting”, explained Ronnie. “Come back during office hours” was Byron’s reply.  Byron couldn’t quite put his finger on it but, that Ronnie sure was acting strange while appearing in a part of the building he had no business roaming.

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