Magazine Article | April 22, 2013

EMS Achieve Success Through Continuous Monitoring

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

May 2013 Integrated Solutions For Retailers

By Jeff Heggedahl, president and CEO, Ecova

Energy management systems (EMS) show greater value and produce greater cost savings by using a continuous monitoring system.

Total energy and sustainability management is playing a greater role at the executive level, given the cost, operational, and reputation impacts that can be achieved. For today’s retailers, who operate in an environment of razor-thin margins and extreme competition, this challenge is even greater. Retailers are increasingly challenged by managing hundreds or even thousands of sites and customer experiences.

Many retailers install energy management systems (EMS) to understand and manage energy at their various sites. EMS are used to centrally monitor and control critical systems such as HVAC or lighting across the enterprise and can lead to significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. While the implementation of EMS is a crucial piece of a larger energy management strategy, there are certain best practices that must be followed to maintain and operate these systems over time to achieve a strong ROI. A system of continuous monitoring and management can ensure the EMS succeed over time and really do improve a retailer’s energy management strategy.