Webinar | July 27, 2016

Consumer Expectations Soar: What Does It Mean For Retailers?

Source: IBM
Consumer Expectations Soar

Findings from the 2016 IBM Consumer Expectations Study

Prepare yourself for the new retail.  In 2016 IBM surveyed 1,500 U.S. consumers aged 13 to 60+ to (1) find out what today’s consumers consider most important when choosing where to shop and (2) compare those results to a similar study done in 2011.

Highlights from the study, published in the Executive Summary, included:

  • 83% of consumers have chosen not to complete an online purchase because of shipping costs
  • 80% of consumers consider it important to be able to view in-store product availability
  • 78% of consumers consider it important for retailers to provide additional details beyond “in stock” or “out of stock”
  • 72% of consumers say that “speed of delivery” is important when choosing to buy from one retailer over another

In this webinar IBM and Bridge Solutions Group will present more detailed results, including:

  • The types of social interactions customers value most
  • Which 8 cross-channel capabilities are most important when choosing where to shop
  • The impact of shipping costs on choosing where to shop
  • Express delivery preferences by age group and gender