MultiSight is a Video as a Service (VaaS) company that leverages the power of video to identify operational efficiencies for multi-location businesses.

As video experts, we harness the cloud’s ability to deliver video to you anywhere and at any time. We designed for mobility, allowing CEOs, VPs of Operations or Loss Prevention, or any other key decision-makers to connect easily to any location while on the go, and see at any time what is really happening with their in-store operations. In addition, we make video sharing as simple as using a mobile phone; no need to burn a DVD in order to share critical information about store operations.

Whether you have thousands of stores or just a few, MultiSight is the right answer for you. Our cloud-based infrastructure allows unlimited scaling; we make it easy to add and remove locations as your business needs change. We encourage you to add as many users as you like, with no per-user fees.  With MultiSight technology, you’ll no longer have to worry that you won’t have the video you need because a camera or recorder is down. With our worry-free, no-cost service and support, MultiSight monitors your equipment continuously to ensure your video is there when you need it. Your HD IP video is stored locally for 21 days, and all users receive unlimited storage in the cloud for one year.

Do more with your video and let our advanced analytics take your video system beyond security. People counting, heat mapping, and highlight reels are a few of the analytics included with MultiSight. The MultiSight cloud allows users to benefit from new features and performance improvements without having to invest more money in cameras and other infrastructure upgrades. Enhancements and software updates are applied seamlessly and invisibly, without user intervention.

Designed for enterprise IT constraints, MultiSight uses best-in-class technology to combat the latest cybersecurity threats and satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations, all while making deployment easy and IT friendly. And MultiSight’s smart bandwidth management allows you to record in HD and view remotely, without burdening your network.

As part of your service, we provide professional installation and configure your system, at no additional cost. Your cameras and recorders are included in the price as well.

Finally, stop worrying about employee training and steep learning curves for complex systems. MultiSight’s intuitive design makes it the tool you rely on daily. Our average users share video 10x more than users of traditional video systems.

Experience truly unlimited scalability and video whenever and wherever you need it with MultiSight.


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