Q&A | October 26, 2015

Mobile Data Collection's Real-Time Benefits

Mobile Data Collection

A Q&A with Matt Talbot, CEO, Co-Founder, GoSpotCheck

Mobile data collection: the mobile part is self-explanatory, but data collection is broad. Help us understand the data you’re collecting and how it’s benefiting the retailer in real time.

Mobile data collection focuses on a unique type of data — data that is collected by a company representative on their device. This isn’t the traditional “data” that fuels the retail ecosystem, but it provides an amazingly unique insight into store-level execution. Companies use mobile data collection platforms in a unique way, but there are certainly some common themes: display execution (i.e. how many displays does my brand have in XYZ retailer in ABC region?); shelf presence (where are my products merchandised inside this store?); and competitive information (what new products does my competitor have in stock?). This type of information can help bridge the gap between plans at corporate and the actual execution on a store-by-store level.

For example, the concept of in-store retail execution, specifically merchandising, has long been a critical role of field teams for retailers and retail brands. That said, the information specific to merchandising, which was available to the corporate office, and the data was typically relayed back in an anecdotal capacity via unstructured data, which made any assessments or optimization difficult for businesses to capitalize.

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