White Paper | August 27, 2012

How To Maximize Wireless Sales With Video

Source: Envysion Inc.

A Guide on Growing Top Line Sales for Wireless Dealers

This white paper from Envysion discusses the multiple uses of vide-driven business intelligence™ for retailers beyond the most common method of combining point of sale (POS) data with video. Video-driven business intelligence™ is any data system that is combined with video and multiple deployment options exist.

Traditional video surveillance providers have begun to offer some POS integration, but advanced managed video as a service (MVaaS) platforms provide many more benefits. Cloud-based MVaaS gives retailers the added advantage of rapid scalability and accessibility while enabling the use of video systems to improve the effectiveness of operations, marketing, HR, loss prevention, and other initiatives.

With MVaaS wireless dealers are able to put more effort into their business rather than having to spend time installing and maintaining independent video systems. Dealers can utilize plug and play, fully managed MVaaS solutions to provide customers with fast and simple installation. MVaaS also provides ongoing system health monitoring and customer support along with the advantages of being a software as a service application which allows users to receive all new features and functionality by simply logging in to the service. The software as a service platform also removes the burden and expense of software patches and updates normally required in a traditional video system.

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