News | June 6, 2016

GoECart Anticipates Future Trends And Launches Game Changer Upgrade To Its Unified Commerce Platform

GoECart’s new upgraded 360 platform brings over two hundred new features, becoming best in market unified commerce suite Bridgeport, CT, June 6, 2016: GoECart has announced the launch of major upgrades to its unified commerce suite, GoECart 360. With over two hundred new features and enhancements, the all-in-one software targeted at midsized retailers and emerging brands combines an advanced unified commerce platform with increased security tools, Magento and Shopify integration, powerful reporting, intuitive user interface, ship-from-store, order fulfillment optimization and much more.

“The new enhanced 360 is the most comprehensive retail suite available for midmarket merchants and emerging brands”, says Manish Chowdhary, GoECart's CEO. “Today’s merchants cannot ignore the fact that unified commerce is the future of e-commerce. They must adapt to changing customer expectations or will soon become obsolete and be surpassed by competitors.”

The new software suite offers:

  • Increased Security
  • Pre-Built Integration With Other Popular E-Commerce Platforms
  • Intuitive Easy-To-Use User Interface And CRM Tools
  • New API Functionalities
  • Native Support For Subscription Commerce And Continuity Programs
  • B2B Product Configurator And Guided Selling
  • Facebook Compatibility
  • Ship-From-Store And Order Fulfillment Optimization

Order Management System (OMS) Integration with Popular Ecommerce Platforms
In addition to previously supported integration with Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, and, GoECart 360 now offers integration with popular e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. It also allows merchants to sync their inventory, orders, customer and fulfillment data with these e-commerce platforms while GoECart’s OMS serves as the backbone system of record for omni-channel commerce. This allows merchants to make a quick and smooth transition by simply integrating their current e-commerce solution with GoECart’s suite as opposed to a full rip and replace.

New APIs and Features
GoECart knows the future of Software-as-a-Service resides in API flexibility, providing merchants with the ability to combine different software tools and customize their solutions. For this reason, the latest release delivers a host of new APIs and features. The new APIs allow developers to extend the GoECart platform even further with tools and applications of their choice. Some of the new API features include Inventory updates and adjustments, Vendor Purchase Orders, CRM tasks, and activities.

Native Support for Subscription Commerce and Continuity Programs
The enhanced GoECart 360 features a new subscription module that will allow customers to subscribe to one or more products on the merchant’s website, automatically placing orders according to the schedule designated by the customer. For repeat customers, such as corporate offices that may place monthly supply orders, subscriptions present convenience.

In Chowdhary’s words, “Subscription commerce features like recurring orders and auto-ship will help our clients to simultaneously boost purchase frequency while increasing customer lifetime value (LTV) by as much as 200% to 400%. Giving shoppers the ability to subscribe to product purchases is a game changer in the realm of customer retention, and it gives our merchants the same robust subscription capabilities offered by the likes of Dollar Shave Club, Amazon Prime, and Birchbox”.

“We’ve been piloting the GoECart’s Subscription and Continuity features and the results so far have been promising. It’s easy for our customers to use and fully automated for us to manage in the back office. We expect this module to be a hit with both our customers and our staff.” said Anthony Simone, President of 11th Street Coffee and GoECart merchant.

B2B Product Configurator and Guided Selling
The new platform features the option of allowing shoppers to customize products and tailor them to their specific needs before buying, adding or subtracting features or building entirely custom components from scratch, depending on the option given by the merchant. This easy configuration option increases customer satisfaction, profit margins, and builds loyalty.

Intuitive User Interface and Increased Security
GoECart has completely redesigned the 360 back office to create an intuitive, delightful user experience, adopting meaningful icons, reorganizing the navigation menu and providing fast loading pages. Moreover, the new upgrade delivers the convenience of redirecting the admin user to the last visited page when they log in and offers increased security merchants seek by locking the admin user accounts for 24 hours after six continuous failed login attempts, a superior forgot password feature for merchants, decreasing the chances of having an account be hacked.

Improved Customer Experience, Loyalty and CRM tools
GoECart knows how important customer experience is and how it can help a brand to differentiate itself in Today’s competitive market. With this in mind, the platform provides merchants with new tools to create an immersive customer experience and brand loyalty. Customers now can login with their Facebook accounts and import Facebook data to custom fields when placing an order. The suite also offers Back-In-Stock notifications and instant delivery confirmation emails as soon as orders are delivered by UPS and FedEx, just as purchases made on top sites like Amazon.

On the backend, new CRM features allow for powerful customer data tracking and analysis. The new 360 offers merchants the ability to create and manage a points loyalty program that rewards customers for purchases and social actions that can be easily redeemed towards future purchases.

Ship-From-Store and Order Fulfillment Optimization
The new Ship-from-Store feature allows merchants to transform brick-and-mortar stores into virtual warehouses and ship orders not from a faraway distribution center but from a store located near the customer. Ship-from-Store reduces shipping costs and delivery time, integrates inventory across all stores and warehouses allowing merchants to better assess excess inventory and avoid costly markdowns, captures sales that might otherwise have been lost and increases profit margins.

In addition, order fulfillment optimization allows merchants to track the time spent in each step of the order fulfillment process, identify bottlenecks, opportunities for improvement and unnecessary expenditures that can be cut to reduce costs. Plus, the merchant can rate shop delivery costs from multiple carriers on a single easy to view screen and save even more in an era of free shipping. These features are a nice complement to the native Point of Sale (POS) capabilities of GoECart 360.

An Unbeatable Value for Your Ecommerce Technology Investment
The updated GoECart 360 is future ready today! The platform brings all the functionalities merchants need to succeed in competitive markets, while delivering unbeatable value. It is more affordable than competing and so-called “enterprise” products and “on-premise” software applications that offer fewer native features and require pricey addons to complete the solution. It also eliminates the costly and time-consuming integration cycles often associated with using a patchwork of disconnected systems.

Interested merchants can contact GoECart to request a free e-commerce strategy review or an evaluation of their current systems.

Pricing and Availability
For more information about pricing, or a personalized demo, or to learn more about how GoECart 360 can improve your business performance, visit GoECart online at

About GoECart
GoECart provides integrated, on-demand e-commerce solutions that empower retailers to sell more goods and services more efficiently. Our flagship, all-in-one e-commerce suite, GoECart 360, combines a powerful e-commerce storefront with multi-channel order and inventory management, fulfillment, CRM, and much more. GoECart 360 enables merchants to sell across all major customer touch points — web storefronts, “brick and mortar” stores, call centers, mail order catalogs, mobile devices and the leading online marketplaces. We help companies grow revenues, automate business processes, lower IT costs, and achieve greater profitability.