White Paper | May 12, 2016

Digital Strategy Helps Berkshire Blanket Cozy Up To Customers And Retailers In The Cloud

Source: Oracle Commerce Cloud
Digital Strategy

By Sasha Banks-Louie

When Berkshire Blanket started selling online to consumers in November 2011, its intention had been to become a retailer. With experience, however, it instead embraced its role as a brand manufacturer that happens to have an online presence, too.

Finding the Right Business Strategy

But getting to this decision was neither deliberate nor obvious. “When we first started off, we thought selling direct to consumers meant we were going to become a retailer,” says Emily Pfeiffer, vice president of marketing and digital for Berkshire Blanket. “But we’ve shifted our philosophy. We’re now recognizing that we’re not a retailer and shouldn’t try to be. We’re a brand manufacturer that happens to sell direct.”