Magazine Issue | January 4, 2010

Integrated Solutions For Retailers: January 2010 Issue Table of Contents

From The Editor

  • The Decade's Five Biggest Retail Tech Flops

Feature Article

  • Maximize Markdown Margins

Partner Perspective

  • The Future Of Environmental Sustainability In Retail

Research & Trends

  • Loyalty Requires A Relationship
  • North American Retail Circa 2009: What A Strange Trip
  • Loss Prevention 2010: An Early Look
  • The Dangerous Out-Of-Scope PCI Charade
  • Loyalty Rules In The Era Of Postponement

Case Studies

  • Is Your POS System Helping Or Hindering Your Growth?
  • Display And Protect Your High-Theft Merchandise
  • Increase Task Execution Compliance
  • ERP System Supports Multifaceted Growth
  • Protect Your Bottom Line, Preserve Privacy


  • Embrace 2010's Hottest Printing Trends
  • Set High Expectations For Security Investments
  • Time And Attendance Trends For 2010
  • Revisit Your Supply Chain Sourcing Strategies
  • Focus On Cross-Channel Fraud Prevention

Vendor Insight

  • Accelerate Mobile Commerce
  • Apply Access Control Principles To Secure Goods-In-Transit
  • Off-The-Shelf Background Screening
  • Personal Shopper Systems Evolve
  • Embrace The 4C Strategy