Magazine Issue | July 20, 2006

Integrated Solutions For Retailers :August 2006 Issue - Table of Contents

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies
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Case Studies

  • Improve Merchandise Visibility
  • Reduce Turnover With Standardized Employee Hiring
  • Reduce Benefits Paid By $400,000
  • Increase Sales, Reduce Advertising Expenses By 25%
  • Handheld Scanners Simplify Inventory
  • Improve Supplier Management
  • POS Hardware Upgrade Improves Customer Service

Executive Outlook

  • Deliver Customer Satisfaction Straight To The Inbox
  • Apply Metrics To The Brick-And-Mortar Store

Feature Articles

  • Keep Bad Checks In Check

From The Editor

  • What's On Your Mind?
  • Your Image Is Multichannel

Retail Solutions Forum

  • How Can You Ensure Success With CRM?

Retail Trends Update

  • Contemplating A Network Upgrade?
  • The Future Of Check Authorization